All Grown Up Now

A fast-paced novel, serialized into podcasts*

By Kenneth D. King

*And an audiobook!

Welcome to All Grown Up Now! A tale of retail, relocation, revenge, re-invention, reckless behavior, really good clothes, indiscretion, infidelity, domestic violence, and one kidnapping.

All Grown Up Now is the story of a life, seen through the framework of a friendship. Written like a novel, the story follows two main characters, Ken, and Mark, on a fast-paced romp through the 1980’s and early 90’s, blazing a path through retail, relocation, revenge, re-invention, reckless behavior, really good clothes, infidelity, domestic violence, kidnapping, and one kidnapping. (Really.)

These episodes are told in a conversational style, in the first person by Ken. Scroll down this page to listen to any one of them.

While it runs from the 1980’s to early 90’s, this isn’t a story that runs in a straight line–the story itself serves somewhat as a string for “beads”, episodes which are flashbacks and detours that relate back to the story at hand—the story of how Ken becomes a “grown-up”.

A review from Germany!

Dear Mr. King!

I just finished listening up to the epilogue….. I love your podcast and it is entertaining and informative in an emotional way. Thank you for taking us on your journey. I look forward to the next installments.

While life is not fair, that you were not able to enjoy your life with M as equals, you are balancing out some of the unfairness by letting us share in the good AND bad things, if you know what I mean? Thank you! Keep up the good fight…

Giuliana Bendandi
Berlin, Germany



You can find the audiobook on Audible. Also on Amazon! Available also on iTunes!

See Kenneth on JoAnne Kao’s series My NY Story!  Watch below.

Tales of a Checkered Past is a continuation of the podcast past the 29 episodes that form the novel.  These short stories are a mixed bag of tales from Kenneth’s life, from the early days to the present.

Radio Interview: 
Listen to Harry Faddis, host of the “The Quest of Life” radio show, interview Kenneth about his book “All Grown Up Now”. 

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Tales of a checkered past!  A new phase in the podcast, where Kenneth tells short stories from different periods of his life.

Episode 43: Boys’ Shorts 2

Episode 42:  Mrs. Freeman!

Episode 41:  My Number’s Not Up Yet

Episode 40: Fortuny!

Episode 39: The Three Month Rule

Episode 38: Boys Shorts

Episode 37: The Driving Lessons

Episode 36: HATE MAIL!

Episode 35: The Mermaid Dress

Episode 34: Comets Make People Crazy

Episode 33: Eulogy for a Pair of Shoes

Episode 32: First Crush

Episode 31: The Blind Dates

Episode 30: My First Grown-up Jewelry

All Grown Up Now finishes on episode 29.

Episode 29: The Epilogue

Episode 28: The most normal thing in the world.

Episode 27: Gotta get your Gay Card updated!

Episode 26: Ace the Gumshoe and a lawyer named Pizzaface

Episode 25: When Going Commando Doesn’t Mean Missing Your Underpants!

Episode 24: The Boy Who Fell To Earth

Episode 23: Act 3-The Caper Begins!

Episode 22: Divorce of the Decade Part 2-Whatever you do, don’t mess with her hair!

Episode 21: Divorce of the Decade Part 1-The Ballad of Miss Ann

Episode 20: Stand By Your Man, 1977-style  

Episode 19:  Who’s Wilbur!?

Episode 18: Springtime For The Fancy Boy

Episode 17: Neuroses and Nostalgia

Episode 16: Elton John’s Concert Tour!

Episode 15: Dances With Land Mines

Episode 14: Escape from The Emporium!

Episode 13: Self-employment means loving the boss!

Episode 12: Homicide is NOT a career path!

Episode 11:  Act 2 begins!

Episode 10: Banging the Bishop

Episode 9: Give me a sign! or: Goddess, just give me a hard shove, please?

Episode 8:  Scarlett wasn’t the only one to say “God as my witness!”

Episode 7:  Call In When You Miss Work

Episode 6:  I accidentally Date a Felon

Episode 5:  You are known by the company you keep.

Episode 4: I Get Into Big Boy Retail!

Episode 3:  Word of the day-Lesbiterian.

Episode 2: Can I drive your car?

Episode 1:  Getting to know me!